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Board Thanks Leadership, Staff and Members for Unwavering Commitment to Global Health Mission

 With deep regret, the Board of Directors of the Global Health Council (GHC) announces that the Council will close operations within the coming months. This decision about the Council’s future comes after serious deliberations about the state of global health issues, the role of the Council as a convenor and the Council’s current operating model.

GHC, formerly the National Council of International Health, is a U.S.-based, nonprofit membership organization that was created in 1972 to identify priority world health problems and to report on them to the U.S. public, legislators, international and domestic government agencies, academic institutions and the global health community. GHC is the world’s largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives by improving health throughout the world, and worked to ensure that all who strive for improvement and equity in global health have the information and resources they need to succeed.

The Global Health Council has championed issues of importance to the global health community and can point with pride to significant advances on the five key issues critical to improving health and promoting equity: women’s health; child’s health; HIV and AIDS; infectious diseases and health systems.

For the past four decades, the Council has been the neutral convening place for a diverse community of organizations, all advocating for improvement and equity in global health. The Council’s members have been its strength, working together to form broad-based coalitions to address challenges that affected us– whether advocating for increased U.S. government funding on global health or developing common positions on major health policy issues.

However, times have changed. The compelling needs that gave rise to the Global Health Council’s mission have shifted. Funding that once existed to promote a broad-based health agenda is now focused on specific health issues. The fundamental shifts in the health landscape have led the Board to revisit the relevance of the organization and determine that the Council’s current operating model is no longer sustainable.

We wish to thank our staff, leadership past and present and our members of the international community who have supported the Global Health Council for the last 40 years.

We have accomplished much together, but despite the progress we have made, millions of people, many of them children, remain without access to basic health care. Our commitment to them must not waver. Although The Global Health Council will no longer play the same role, we will continue to fight for the goals that first inspired us to action.

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  1. Enjoyed your post!
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  2. I think that it is terrible that they are shuttng down an organization with such a good agenda. Health is the key to a happy life and shuttng down an organzation like this is just wrong.

  3. There are many countries around the world, which are in need to address many of their health issues. The Global Health Council’s role (GHC) provides tremendous benefit to all these countries, especially those who are developing. The aim of this organization is to identify priority world health problems, and to report them to the U.S. public, legislators, international and domestic government agencies, academic institutions, and the global health community. This organization has been of great importance to the health problems encountered by these countries. In this manner health issues such as, women/child health problems, HIV, AIDS, and infectious diseases, have been improved and promoted globally. I would like to congratulate all members of this organization for their hard work. Even thought, there are many individuals around the world without access to health care, this organization has fought in order to accomplish its main goal, which is to enhance and promote health around the world.

  4. Nice article.. lots of information to be used for the Board of Directors of the Global Health Council announces that the Council will close operations within the coming months.!.. . I will be willing to use this. Thanks

  5. I hope someone like Bill Gates or any ]body who has the money and power could save an organization like this by giving a lot of funding.

  6. It is such a shame that the good things people do in the world are often cut off so quickly. I hope something is done to make it possible for the organization to continue or one is put into its place to take over these people’s needs.

  7. I’m stunned to hear that the GHC is shutting down operations. What does this say about the sustainability of our global heath objectives?

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  9. Really nice post, Easy to understand & really helpful for all.

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