Posted by: shigman | 11/15/2012

Few More Days to Nominate Board Members

The deadline for submitting nominations for the Board of Directors for the renewed Global Health Council is 11:59PM EST November 19, 2012.

We would appreciate your assistance in identifying one or more outstanding individuals suitable for election to the Board.  The term is up to three years and requires active participation and attendance at three meetings per year.  Key responsibility includes providing oversight and policy direction to the organization and support for fundraising efforts.  The individual should also carry considerable respect and credibility within the community of global health professionals, and have solid strategic sense to inform and guide the Council’s directions.  Ideally, they would help to connect the Council to other relevant networks. There is no compensation for Board participation.

Nominations should be sent to Christopher Gibbs at

Please remember to include a one or two paragraph biography along with your principal reasons for recommending this individual, addressing their particular area of expertise that will be most beneficial for moving the Global Health Council forward.  Biographies and expertise are required for nomination consideration.

Thanks for your help!

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