Posted by: rachelhampton | 11/10/2011

Coming Soon: Globalization and Health’s Special Issue on Climate Change

In 2012, Globalization and Health will publish a new special issue “Climate Change and Global Health: Implications for Human Health and Health Systems.” This new issue will explore the ability of health systems to respond to potential disasters linked to climate change.

Climate change contributes to extreme weather conditions and significant changes in precipitation, which in turn affect air and water quality, agriculture and food production, housing security, and disease vectors. Since the 1970s, global warming will have caused an additional 140,000 deaths per year by 2004.

  • Extreme heat contributes to cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and increased ground level carbon concentrations may exacerbate allergies.
  • Increased precipitation can cause major flooding and drowning deaths, and may also affect the water supply and result in the spread of water-borne diseases.
  • Increased water scarcity, especially in regions with already diminished water supplies, may result in droughts, increased civil conflict, and greater migration.
  • The length of diseases transmission seasons and geographic range of disease vectors will likely change in response to changing temperatures, particularly affecting water-borne diseases.

In response to the growing challenges climate change will pose to health, “Climate Change and Global Health Implications for Human Health and Health Systems” will address the following issues:

  • Health policy and financing mechanisms that will encourage public action and adaption strategies for health systems;
  • Assessments of the ability of public policy and institutions to respond to climate change and human health;
  • Merging the economics of climate adaptation and traditional health economics;
  • How to mitigate asymmetrical effects of climate change on the global population;
  • Interdisciplinary education and research.

 Globalization and Health will be accepting submissions for the special issue until January 13th, 2012. Manuscripts may include research papers, reviews, policy analyses, short reports, commentaries, or debates. For any more questions, please contact the journal’s editorial team at


  1. oh for the change of the climate the people gonna suffer a lot within small period of time.
    is there any protection for this but in front of the weather and nature is it possible to overcome these issues

    thanks for sharing this words
    and give the suggestions too

  2. The only way these problems will be averted will be for policies and funding that will help address these issues. Education and research is also needed to overcome global warming. Thanks to Globalization and Health for publishing articles that educate lawmakers and the public for addressing these issues and bringing these worldwide concerns to the forefront. Beverly Ward

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