Posted by: blog4globalhealth | 10/18/2011


An interview with researchers integral to the success of this large-scale RTS,S vaccine trial

The first set of results from the large-scale Phase 3 efficacy trial of the world’s most clinically advanced malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S, were published today in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and announced at the Malaria Forum in Seattle, Washington this morning.

A Phase 3 clinical trial is typically one of the final stages before a regulatory decision is made about a vaccine, and is used to confirm its safety and efficacy. The results show that RTS,S provides significant protection to young African children against malaria, a disease that kills more than 600,000 kids in Africa each year. If the safety and efficacy profiles are deemed satisfactory, the World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that a recommendation for RTS,S is possible as early as 2015, paving the way for African countries to make decisions about large-scale implementation of the vaccine through their national immunization programs.

Dave Poland, senior communications officer at the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), recently sat down to interview two individuals that have been integral to the success of this large-scale RTS,S vaccine trial and the results announced today.

Read the full interview on the Impatient Optimists blog.

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