Posted by: blog4globalhealth | 06/17/2011


Watch conference participants’ reactions and thoughts for the future of global health

Equipped with a bag full of conference swag and a handy Flip camera, I was ready to tackle the Global Health Council’s annual conference, “Securing a Healthier Future in a Changing World,” and uncover some voices on the frontlines – or, in this case, the Wi-Fi-challenged Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.

This year, the conference focused on the rise of chronic and non-communicable diseases, specifically in developing countries. Walking through the halls, one could hear conversations on strategic public-private partnerships, country ownership, integration of health services, and use of new information and communication technology to address long-term health in a sustainable way.

With more than 2,000 expected attendees and hundreds of presenters, there were many voices to be heard. We talked with Meghan Anson and Lindsay Bever from MCHIP, Vince Blaser from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Sarah Dwyer from IntraHealth and the CapacityPlus project, Jen Schulz from the Institute for Reproductive Health, Jennifer Kern from the World Health Organization’s Publications, and Kate Stence from the Knowledge for Health project.

Watch interviews with conference participants here.

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