Posted by: davidjolson | 01/07/2011

Our most popular blogs of 2010

The blogs that were most read in this space in 2010 are an eclectic and somewhat surprising bunch. The champion as of Dec. 31, by quite a wide margin, is one on the intersection of family planning and faith. In fact, that blog has been Number 1 all year (although it had the advantage of being posted in January and so had a longer time to accumulate readers).

Number 2, on trends on global health communication, was a surprise, given that it was not even posted until Dec. 22 and therefore had all of a week to attract readers, and right in the middle of the holiday season. Maybe the fact that it had the words “Top 10” in the title helped.

Three of the top blogs, Numbers 6, 7 and 9 — on drug abuse, HIV immunity among sex workers and the rise of diabetes in South Africa — were penned by Jeanette Strydom of Africa Health Placements, a GHC member organization in South Africa. Thanks Jeanette, and keep them coming.

The rest were quite varied posts on AIDS vaccine research, drug wastage in Uganda, the private sector, Rajiv Shah and child health through newborn resuscitation and fighting pneumonia. We believe that vaccine research and non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer will be key issues in 2011 and continue to be the focus of interest. With no further adieu, here are the most popular blogs of 2010 on Blog4GlobalHealth, as of Dec. 31.

1. Bringing faith back into the family planning conversation, January 25.

2. The Top 10 in global health communication, December 22.

3. Past the expiration date:  Drug wastage in Uganda, February 12.

4. Harnessing the private sector in developing countries, April 30.

5. Are Dr. Shah’s elbows sharp enough to succeed at USAID?, January 8.

6. Whoonga: The cruelest drug of South African slums, November 17.

7. The secret of immunity among Kenyan sex workers, November 22.

8. Spurring innovation in AIDS vaccine development, May 3.

9. Diabetes is on the rise in Africa, September 30.

10. “Helping Babies Breathe”: A crucial step towards MDG4, July 18.

There is one final blog that deserves special mention: Though it was posted only three days before the end of the year, it is the fourth most popular blog over the last 365 days as of today, Jan. 7. But it was posted too late in 2010 to get enough traction to be on the list above:

12 solutions we’d like to see more of in 2011, December 28, a blog on the best ideas for great health solutions that don’t cost a lot, as submitted by our member organizations.


  1. Health should be for all! Let’s try our best to help as many people as we can as we go througth life.
    DO IT ALONE PERSON TO PERSON, famous words of Mother Teresa…

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