Posted by: rachelhampton | 07/12/2010

Trade and Health Breakfast Series: Fact Sheets Available Online!

Starting in January 2010, the Global Health Council hosted a series of eight breakfast meetings that focused on a variety of issues pertaining to trade and global health. Each session opened with an informal presentation by experts in the field and was followed by an open Q&A session with attendees. The Council also produced complementary fact sheets for each of the meetings that provided a brief overview of the topics. The goal of this series was to gather input on trade and health issues that will contribute to a forthcoming primer on the subject. In addition, the series provided a forum for discussion between the international trade community and the global health community.

The Trade and Health Breakfast Series included the follow sessions:

  • January 27: Trade and Health 101
  • February 10: Global Health Implications of Intellectual Property and TRIPS
  • March 10: Counterfeit and Substandard Drugs in Low Income Countries
  • March 23: Health Workforce Migration: The Connection with Trade
  • April 14: The Global Health Implications of Intellectual Property and TRIPS
  • April 28: GATT and Medical Products
  • May 12: WHO and WTO in Trade: Roles and Responsibilities
  • May 26: Trade, Nutrition and Food Security

To access all of the fact sheets produced for the Trade and Health Breakfast Series, please visit:

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