Posted by: rachelhampton | 07/12/2010

New HIV/AIDS Position Paper

This June, the Global Health Council published a new position paper on HIV/AIDS with detailed information about the global burden of disease, primary components of prevention and treatment, research needs, key interventions that are needed and the Council’s positions and recommendations for making progress in these areas.

In 2009, about 2 million people died of AIDS, 33.4 million were living with HIV and 2.7 million people were newly infected with the virus. HIV/AIDS disproportionally affects the world’s poorest people, and now more than 90 percent of people with HIV live in developing countries. Women also bear an uneven burden of disease, as women and girls now account for over 50 percent of those aged 15 and over living with HIV, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Injecting drug users (IDUs), men who have sex with men (MSMs) and commercial sex workers (CSWs) represent populations that are at particularly high risk of infection.

Many proven, cost-efficient interventions for HIV/AIDS exist, but scaling up these prevention and treatment interventions is often difficult.  In order to achieve universal access to HIV prevention and treatment services, the Position Paper highlights the need for: a unified, coordinated global HIV/AIDS strategy; country-lead health plans that are responsive to national needs and priorities; increased investment in HIV/AIDS, with equal funding for prevention and treatment; and effective partnerships and greater harmonization amongst stakeholders.

To read the Council’s new HIV/AIDS Position Paper, please visit:


  1. HIV prevention and care involves planning between health departments and HIV-affected communities. And also you can find many clinical trials in

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