Posted by: davidjolson | 05/19/2010

Professor Sachs doesn’t mince words; he shouts

This is a guest blog from Andrew E. Barrer, executive director of the U.S. Coalition for Child Survival and a member of the Global Health Council delegation to the 2010 World Health Assembly.

GENEVA, Switzerland – Professor Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and special advisor to the U.N. Secretary General spoke Wednesday at the Millennium Development Goal technical briefing.  With the backdrop of the talks by the ministers of health of Rwanda and Ethiopia, he repeated his call to action to fund the gap to meet community health needs in the developing world.

$50 billion dollars a year is needed to fund primary health care for the world’s poorest one billion. The funding gap is about $35 billion.
Wall Street brokers and bankers gave themselves nearly that much last year in bonuses. And that was a bad year for the economy.

Professor Sachs is loud and some say abrasive. I love hearing him.

We can’t achieve MDGs without more resources.

The minister of health of Rwanda showed how his country is trying to do its share and they have results to show it. More community clinics, increased prenatal and newborn health care and more participation of the NGO sector in the national plan.

We all have to step up to the plate. The North and the South. When you read this, think about what you can do to help. Volunteer. Advocate on the Hill at the Global l Health Conference conference next month. Call your member of Congress to support the president’s Global Health Initiative. Every voice counts.

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