Posted by: davidjolson | 05/27/2009

2009 Candlelight Memorial

CAP HAITIEN, Haiti – Mere rain could not extinguish the flame of the opening ceremony of the 2009 AIDS Candlelight Memorial last Saturday night in Milot, Haiti at the site of the Sans Souci Palace, World Heritage site and former home of King Henri Christophe, who helped lead Haitians to independence from France in 1804. The Candlelight Memorial, which the Council manages, is the world’s oldest and largest AIDS awareness-raising event and Haiti was selected as the site of the opening ceremony this year.

The big news was that the Abbott Fund, one of the donors of the Candlelight Memorial, announced it was donating 500,000 rapid HIV test kits and the Government of Haiti was using the donation to kick off a nationwide HIV testing campaign, a partnership between the Haitian government, the U.S. government, the Abbott Fund and Haitian health implementing organizations.

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  1. The suffering people of HIV approach must not be enticing words but passionate action for solution through support therefore we thank all donors of the project. We the third world countries finds it difficult for a way out in financing and need agent attention.

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