Posted by: shigman | 04/11/2009

Poll: Convergence of PHC and HSS?

During a recent community meeting, Dr. Carissa Etienne of WHO mentioned that there is a convergence of the Primary Health Care (PHC) and Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) movements.  The community meeting notes are in a previous post (see below).

Some people may say that these two concepts have much in common and their respective movements have moved in parallel for too long. There is a need to maximize the current focus on each to promote achievement of both. Others may feel that, although there is some overlap, these are two distinct concepts and trying to combine them will end up muddying the waters and creating a mess. A third group may not be invested in the issue at all — thinking that it doesn’t really matter bacuse there is not enough money or political will to achieve either one, so it’s really an academic argument. Finally, others may be unsure and need to see more research on whether the two health-related concepts (and their respective movements) could be combined in a way that increases the likelihood of success.

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