Posted by: shigman | 04/04/2009

Global Health Landscape

On April 2, the Global Health Council held a Congressional Briefing on The Global Health Landscape in 2009-2010 to identify critical global health issues over the next two years and some of the key policy considerations that will confront the 111th Congress.


  • Ruth Levine, Committee on the US Commitment to Global Health, Institute of Medicine & Vice President for Programs and Operations, and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development
  • Natasha Bilimoria, Executive Director, Friends of the Global Fight
  • Maurice Middleberg, Executive Vice President, Global Health Council

ModeratorSmita Baruah, Director of Government Relations, Global Health Council

Numerous successes in global health have been achieved over recent years, in part due to committed U.S. government leadership efforts that have addressed several issues facing the world’s poorest people. The promise of potential solutions that can save millions more lives every year and strengthen other development efforts has captured the interest of a new generation of stakeholders eager to make a difference in an interconnected world. Even in a time of great economic challenges, significant advances in global health can be achieved and sustained that will benefit U.S. national interests as well as those of its partners.

GHC 2009 Transition Documents

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